About Us

Meet Shuree; a Thai-ridgeback who is courageous, smart, energetic, protective, sometimes naughty, and very cute. Shuree’s favorite thing to do besides chasing squirrels and digging holes in the backyard, is to eat. 

Our company, Shuree’s Organics (TM) was born out of our love for Shuree. We provide healthy dog treats made from the highest quality cuts of meat. We are a company that is dedicated to providing the best dog treats anywhere on the market.

One of our main goals at Shuree’s Organics (TM) is to create treats for every type of dog. Treats that dog lovers can always trust is good for their companions. These treats are good for raw-fed dogs, as well as kibble-fed and cooked-food fed dogs. 

At Shuree’s Organics (TM) all of our treats are made with locally sourced 100% grade A cuts of meat which are dried to perfection. Every treat is tried and tested by Shuree, so we know that your pups will love them.